Customer Account Manager

Working at Boxcar since: June 13, 2007.

A typical day: I answer a lot of phone calls and emails — basically I talk to customers all day and help answer everyone’s questions. I also order supplies so people can buy them and give the occasional shop tour.

Background: I studied Communications and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. I got married to a Navy guy, moved to Norfolk, Virginia and got a Mass Communications degree from Norfolk State University. I started out in television news and then moved to advertising and marketing for a few years before I was introduced to letterpress at Boxcar.

Prized possession: my family is my prized possession.

A cause you believe in: I’m very interested in Parkinson’s research and finding a cure. My mother has it and I am learning as much as I can about it.

A little known secret: some people here are very creative and have many ‘hidden talents’ — we have a lot of artists, musicians, etc.

Important book: the Bible.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: Skaneateles Lake and the town of Skaneateles, the State Fair, and the zoo.