Swing Away Lay Gauge for Windmills


Use this swing away lay gauge so you don’t have to worry about smashing your form or marking your paper while printing on your Heidelberg windmill letterpress.

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Swing Away Lay Gauges are recommended for all users of Heidelberg Windmill presses in place of the left (drive-side) brass Lay Gauge. The Swing Away Lay Gauge catches the paper with an arm that swings out of the way prior to impression. This means you won’t have to worry about smashing your form or marking your paper again. It can even be used on envelopes and pre-cut paper without leaving marks on the stock.

The Swing Away Lay Gauge was originally developed for use at Boxcar Press in 2012. After a complete redesign, we are re-issuing the second generation Swing Away Lay Gauge in 2018 with dozens of improvements, including:

  • More durable and reliable spring
  • Spring is easier to replace, if necessary
  • Swing away arm is longer, to better catch the paper
  • Fewer parts for the swing away arm to catch on
  • Fewer places that can bump the paper out of register

Sold exclusively at Boxcar Press. Replacement springs and arms are also available. The Swing Away Lay Gauge comes packaged in a velvet pouch and chipboard box, with a hex wrench for easy maintenance. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Instructions for use

The Swing Away Lay Gauge replaces the Heidelberg Windmill drive-side (left) Lay Gauge T0264F when operating with lay gauge registration. Follow the operating instructions for running with brass lay gauges (except do not attach Lay Pins T0244/T0246).

To install, first inspect the Swing Away Lay Gauge to ensure its spring is securely fastened and that the arm moves freely. The arm’s interior edge should line up with the interior edge of the front stop. This ensures the paper will reliably drop behind the stop.

Snap the Swing Away Lay Gauge securely onto the Lay Bar T0227F. If the fit is too tight or loose, you can adjust the spring tension after loosening the two hex bolts holding the spring to the main housing.

The arm will swing completely out of the way when the press goes to impression. The actuator hits the bottom Tympan Bar T0207, so operating without a Tympan Bar (for instance, with a die-cutting jacket clipped to the platen) is not recommended.

Do not oil any parts on the Swing Away Lay Gauge–its main bushing is self-lubricating.

Additional information

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Second Generation (2018+)

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