Jet 145HSB letterpress plates


We apologize that we are still experiencing supply shortages. We feel fortunate to have some unexposed plate material in an A4 size, so we encourage you to please call with your needs and we’ll discuss options.

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  • this 85 Durometer plate is one of our hardest plates — some printers prefer this over the 152SB because they like printing on the hardest plate possible.
  • can be used with Bunting and Patmag bases that measure .858” thick
  • extra care is needed when placing or removing this plate on its base as this plate is less flexible and can break.
  • For those printers just starting out and trying to make the decision between the 145HSB and 152SB for their magnetic base, we recommend trying the 152SB for ease of use.
  • Sizes/Dimensions available
    • A2=16.5″ x 23.375″  (Out of stock)
    • A3=11.75″ x 16.5″*. (Out of stock)
    • A4=8.25″ x 11.75”*.

    *A3 and A4 sizes are accurate within +/- .125

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