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These Henry Gage Pins will protect your Boxcar Base or form and can be re positioned easily for jobs with narrow paper margins.

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If you worry about your gauge pins getting too close to your Boxcar Base or form and causing damage to both during letterpress print jobs, the Henry Gage Pins are a super easy and handy tool. These simple and soft gage pins can be attached directly to the tympan and comes with repositionable adhesive for secure but clean removal. The clear thin plastic lip allows you to slip your letterpress paper in and out easily. Holds paper up to 0.065” thick easily. They do not leave a cut or bump in the tympan paper and give under the platen pressure. You can set up quickly and confidently on a project with narrow paper margins – just rough out and go. We recommend these for beginning letterpress printers who want an easy and affordable solution that won’t damage their base.

Great for single color projects. Disposable but can be used for multiple projects before replacing. Sold in packs of 12. You’ll need 3 for each set-up.

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