Kluge 14×22

Kluge 14x22press name: Kluge EHD

press nickname: Bob’s Kluge (pronounced Kloogee)

year built: 1989

serial number: GD141258

largest printable area: 14 x 22 inches

weight: 4,400 lbs.

impressions per hour: 3,300 max

hometown: St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

distinguishing characteristics to this particular press: This press feeds differently than the Heidelberg Windmill and Cylinder presses—the paper feeds in and out of the press in one straight shot.

a few words from the printer who uses it: It sounds like you’re running a freight train! It prints and runs well, and because you’re using heat (which can range from 100° to 350°) you have to monitor the heat based on the coverage (lots of heat for large coverage).

why we love this particular press: Bob: This does foil stamping—we can do so much more with this press than we can with the others.