Heidelberg 13×18

heidelberg-13x18-windmill-letterpresspress name: Heidelberg 13×18

press nickname: Hindenberg

year built: 1961

serial number: GT60843E

largest printable area: 13.375 x 18.125 inches

weight: 5,000 lbs.

impressions per hour: up to 4,000 max

hometown: Weisloch, Germany

distinguishing characteristics to this particular press: It’s way bigger than the other Heidelbergs; there’s more printing surface and you can get more impression out of it.

a few words from the printer who uses it: This press is definitely quirky to run—it’s difficult to get the pile to come up at the right speed. It runs cover stock well, but 1-ply paper can be tricky to feed on this press.

why we love this particular press: We don’t love this press, because it’s a bear to set up! After you get past the quirks of running it, you can get monster impression and great coverage.