If you have a Boxcar Base – we can tell you the thickness of your base down to the ten thousandths of an inch. Just provide the 5-digit serial number on the bottom of your base below the base description and we’ll send you the dimensions.

If you want to measure your own base – we suggest a micrometer that measures to thousandths of an inch. Follow the directions that come with your micrometer, however, basically you will clamp your micrometer’s measuring rods around your base and tighten until it holds the base firmly and securely. Tightening too hard can cause an error in your reading. Read the measurement per the instructions for that micrometer.

Boxcar Bases are measured to the following heights:
Standard bases – .875” plus or minus .001
Deep relief bases – .853” plus or minus .001

If your base is .X” high, subtract that amount from type high .918 and you’ll get the height you want for your plates.

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