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Plate Club

What is the Plate Club?

Plate Club is a new rewards program offered by Boxcar Press that provides a 5% discount for platemaking customers whose orders totaled more than 7,500 square inches in the past year. Eligible orders are for the period from January 1 to December 31st. If you ordered more than 7,500 square inches of processed plate material last year, you will automatically be enrolled in the Plate Club. Membership eligibility recalculates at the beginning of each calendar year (January 1st).

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How do I see my growing total of square inches?

Click on your Account Page when logged into boxcarpress.com. There will be a section near the bottom of your account page called “Platemaking Usage”.  This is where you can find the current tally of square inches plated (as well as a date of this accrual).

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If I’m eligible for Plate Club, do I need to do anything?

No action is needed. The platemaking system is keeping track of your square inches. Your Plate Club discount is applied to your billing total on every job ticket for the year. No fuss, no muss.

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How do I get my rewards from Plate Club

Your rewards and savings are automatic. This discount is applied to every order for the current year. The details page of your job ticket will reflect this discount with the dollar amount identified in your billing details. The type of discount – Plate Club – will be shown. Your emailed invoice will also have a line item with your Plate Club discount. All of your orders are also adding to your new square inch total for membership in the next year.

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