Client Coordinator

Working at Boxcar since: March 18, 2010.

Background: I grew up in nearby Camillus, New York. I fell in love with graphic arts and printing when I was yearbook editor and student assistant in the publications office at Canisius College in Buffalo. I’ve worked in some aspect of printing ever since then. I’ve been married for 17 years and have two teenage sons.

Prized possession: my family and the memories we’ve created together mean more to me than anything I own.

A cause you believe in: wow, tough question because there are many causes dear to my heart! But, I’ll say advances in the treatment and prevention of autism. I have an adorable six-year-old nephew who is autistic and he and his parents live with the challenges it brings every day. Shay has had the benefits of early diagnosis and therapies that have made a world of difference in his ability to communicate and function, so I’d like parents to familiarize themselves with the early warning signs and trust their gut if they think their child isn’t progressing the way they should.

A little known secret: we have the nicest, friendliest group of press operators anywhere!

Important book: the Bible. Although I must admit, I haven’t read it cover to cover.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: come in the fall when the foliage colors are at their peak, head west on Route 5 through the rolling hills and keep going until you reach Auburn, where you should visit Willard Chapel — the only surviving, intact church with an interior completely designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Beautiful glass and exquisite woodwork. Return by way of Skaneateles.