Working at Boxcar since: June 2009

A typical day: Of course it starts with coffee. Then I get right into setting up and outputting files to film for Smock and Bella Figura. Every order is different and I see new stuff everyday. I also get to answer the occasional “How many sheets of paper will I need?” riddles.

Background: I took my first printing class in 8th grade and was hooked. There was a Heidelberg Windmill like we have here in the class. I have worked with all formats of printing for 30 years.

Prized possession: I’d have to say all my music paraphernalia. I love music and see a lot of concerts.

A cause you believe in: Spaying and neutering our pets.

A little known secret: The talent employed at Boxcar is amazing! From artists to musicians.

Important book: I can’t really pick just one.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: All of the excellent restaurants and local history.




Working at Boxcar since: April 2015

A typical day: My typical day starts off by getting coffee, then I’m off to tackle Boxcar and Bella Figura/Smock jobs. Every job is different so I’m always interested to see what’s next. Once the files are set up and good to go, they go to film and I send them off to platemaking. Step and repeat with some added extras.

Background: I grew up in Floyd, NY (some people actually know where that is) and have been happily married since 2010. Art has always been a part of my life. I started drawing in my childhood, did illustration all the way through my first 2 years of college and then got into graphic design. I went to MVCC and SUNYIT for college. I then entered the world of digital print production. I have 8 years experience of large format printing underneath my belt. Designing, printing and installing a job from start to finish really opened my eyes on how to make things work. Blending letterpress and digital here at Boxcar has expanded my print knowledge even more.

Prized possession: Family, friends and the passion for cars.

A cause you believe in: Fundraisers of any kind.

A little known secret: We have our own garage.

Important book: The Bible

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: If you’re a car enthusiast, check out the local cruise-ins of Baldwinsville, Cicero and Clay during the week. Also, Cars and Coffee every Saturday morning at Wegmans in Liverpool.



Customer Account Manager

Working at Boxcar since: June 13, 2007.

A typical day: I answer a lot of phone calls and emails — basically I talk to customers all day and help answer everyone’s questions. I also order supplies so people can buy them and give the occasional shop tour.

Background: I studied Communications and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. I got married to a Navy guy, moved to Norfolk, Virginia and got a Mass Communications degree from Norfolk State University. I started out in television news and then moved to advertising and marketing for a few years before I was introduced to letterpress at Boxcar.

Prized possession: my family is my prized possession.

A cause you believe in: I’m very interested in Parkinson’s research and finding a cure. My mother has it and I am learning as much as I can about it.

A little known secret: some people here are very creative and have many ‘hidden talents’ — we have a lot of artists, musicians, etc.

Important book: the Bible.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: Skaneateles Lake and the town of Skaneateles, the State Fair, and the zoo.



Operations Manager

Working at Boxcar since: May 4, 2010.

A typical day: Fortunately for me, there is no “typical” day. Keeping everyone happy and productive… Of course, there is email and daily time clock corrections, but meetings and other activities vary by day and season. Taking care of any issues and trying to plan ahead while improving processes and procedures, begins to sum it up.

Background:  I’ve worked in production, quality control and management throughout my career while earning a BS in Business Management from Columbia College and an MBA from LeMoyne College. I love my family, traveling and of course my pets!

Prized possession: a print of the fortress Marienberg on the hill in my hometown.

A cause you believe in: spaying and neutering of cats and dogs to reduce the need for shelters and euthanization.

A little known secret: we have an IT team of 4 and they have their own espresso machine!

Important book: can’t say there is just one.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: the upside down traffic light on Tipperary Hill.




Working at Boxcar since: October 1998.

Background: I’m from Maryland originally. An art degree from Carleton College led me to the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and letterpress.

Prized possession: An Ames Thickness Measure that used to belong to my grandfather originally.

A cause you believe in: Protecting the forests and their natural habitat.

A little known secret: I really couldn’t imagine having more than 5 people when I started Boxcar Press.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: A hike on the Onondaga spur of the Finger Lakes Trail.



Client Coordinator

Working at Boxcar since: March 18, 2010.

Background: I grew up in nearby Camillus, New York. I fell in love with graphic arts and printing when I was yearbook editor and student assistant in the publications office at Canisius College in Buffalo. I’ve worked in some aspect of printing ever since then. I’ve been married for 17 years and have two teenage sons.

Prized possession: my family and the memories we’ve created together mean more to me than anything I own.

A cause you believe in: wow, tough question because there are many causes dear to my heart! But, I’ll say advances in the treatment and prevention of autism. I have an adorable six-year-old nephew who is autistic and he and his parents live with the challenges it brings every day. Shay has had the benefits of early diagnosis and therapies that have made a world of difference in his ability to communicate and function, so I’d like parents to familiarize themselves with the early warning signs and trust their gut if they think their child isn’t progressing the way they should.

A little known secret: we have the nicest, friendliest group of press operators anywhere!

Important book: the Bible. Although I must admit, I haven’t read it cover to cover.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: come in the fall when the foliage colors are at their peak, head west on Route 5 through the rolling hills and keep going until you reach Auburn, where you should visit Willard Chapel — the only surviving, intact church with an interior completely designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Beautiful glass and exquisite woodwork. Return by way of Skaneateles.



Letterpress child watcher. Co-owner. Writer.

Working at Boxcar since: June 2002.

Background: I grew up in Chicagoland, went to college in a small farm town in Minnesota where I met Harold (I majored in history), worked in PR for Minneapolis Public Schools for a few years, then got my MFA from Syracuse in creative writing. If you count Harold as the first employee of Boxcar Press, I was the second, signing up in my second year of graduate school to avoid teaching comp to freshmen (but also Harold needed help! Our basement was a mess!). Now I’m taking time off from the day to day of Boxcar to spend time writing and watching the Boxcar kids grow tall.

Prized possession: my cookbook collection. Yes, it is getting out of hand. And yes, I cannot bring myself to get rid of any of it, even A Taste of Scotland.

A cause you believe in: vegetarianism (we’re raising the two Boxcar kids as vegetarians too). Mark Bittman said it pretty well: eat less meat, save the world.

A little known secret: back when the Boxcar blog first started in 2004 (when the internet was young and reckless and nobody knew about seo), I used to have a series called “what is Harold wearing now?” which was all about what Harold was wearing that day. Does this sound fascinating? It was for me at least! I miss those times a little.

Important book: Marlen Haushofer’s The Wall (I even wrote an essay about it)

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: Labrador Hollow — only 35 minutes away and totally amazing hiking, waterfalls, and views.


Rebecca Miller illustration



Working at Boxcar since: February 14, 2011.

A typical day: I open the day with a large cup of hot tea and organize my desk, answer phone calls, complete the daily Boxcar Platemaking List, start on customers’ file to send to film and plating, get another cup of hot tea, answer emails and review phone messages, get another cup of hot tea, reassure a customer on how to do Separations, lunch, get a head start on next day’s orders for file-to-plate orders, review phone messages and contact customers with file prep needs. Finish last cup of tea and replenish with water. Review the final Daily List with platemaking team.  Review any remaining phone calls and emails. Start on Daily List for platemaking tickets for the next day. Send out just one more file to be made into plates for tomorrow’s orders. Finally, smile, chuckle and close the day.

Background: I’m from Da U.P., eh and a Yooper wid a passion for pasties, hockey, and dat dere typography.

Prized possession: I have two: my gun lamp that sits on top of my degree from Alma college.

A cause you believe in: I believe in education for the prevention of domestic violence, and support the Vera House.

A little known secret: we never give up.

Important book: there are 3: Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, by William Riordan; Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and Elements of Typography by Robert Bringhurst.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: try to authenticate the urban legend of the feral cats of Solvay. Also, be sure to check out Fillmore Glen in Moravia, New York



Prepress manager. Graphic designer.

Working at Boxcar since: February 2006.

A typical day: usually I come in, turn on the computer. I check the current jobs that are going into production, and then I check on commercial and internal jobs. I also create layouts for customer approval and send files to film.

Background: I grew up in Massena, New York, and went to school in Central New York. I attended Plattsburgh for college. I have courses and degrees from B. Ramer Tech and a BFA from Plattsburgh State. I’ve worked for five companies as a graphic designer. I was also a runner for 13 years, and competed in 9 states and 3 countries, and even ran against olympians in high school and college. I did a variety of events (anything from the 200m up to a mile) but my favorite was the 400m hurdles.

Prized possession: a ceramic bear that my parents gave to me when I was born.

A cause you believe in: First Tee of America — it’s a youth organization that helps promote morality in children through sports. I grew up playing sports so I know the benefits of team sports.

A little known secret: Jasper (the Boxcar kid) knows every single country on a world map.

Important book: 1984, George Orwell.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: Dinosaur Barbeque – that’s where we usually take out of towners.