What presses do you operate: I mostly operate the Heidelberg Windmill and sometimes the Kluge.

What is your printing experience: I started printmaking about ten years ago in college with two etching presses. After college, I got into screen printing and jumped around from a couple studios. I’m still quite fresh with letterpress.

Where and/or from who did you learn to print: I learned at first from Peter Hoffer. Muckles Ink showed me the basics of commercial screen printing. Christine Medley from Cron Designs got me interested in letterpress.

What are your print shop essentials: I’m always using the AlignMate and rulers.

What is your best letterpress trick: I don’t use a whole lot of paper packing; I stick to fiberglass and acrylic sheets. It’s also much better to use glue sticks than tape for packing specific areas.

Favorite part of letterpress printing: I personally like the challenge of tight registrations.

What is your least favorite part of printing: Because I do a lot of foil stamping, I have to wait sometimes for the machine to heat up.

What is your music of choice when on press: I mostly listen to the sounds that the press is making; the sounds are a good predictor of how the press will feed.

What is your hometown: My hometown is Binghamton.

What is your best letterpress printing trick: Start a job off with little impression and no packing, then gradually add both.

What is your printing space like: Rolls of foil and materials for packing.

What is the proudest moment in printing career: Working at Boxcar.

A fun fact about Boxcar Press: Since 2018, Boxcar’s been in business for twenty years. Also, free coffee.

Extracurricular activities: I draw a lot in my free time. They’re really just overtly, complicated doodles.