Presses: Windmill and occasionally a Vandercook.

Learning: Before coming to Boxcar I had 7 years of fine art printmaking. Nicole Hand taught me the wonders of printmaking. A lot of my letterpress knowledge comes from nerding out with Carrie.

Print shop essentials: letterpress notes, apron, and a cup of tea.

Favorite part of letterpress printing: seems like every day I learn something new about letterpress. Not just about printing, but the machines themselves, and how they were designed.

Music of choice when on press: electronic, alternative, R&B/soul. I am constantly searching for some new tunes.

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky.

Best letterpress printing trick: doing a paper feed test before putting ink on paper. It allows me to catch any doubles or adjust the sucker bor tilt as needed.

Printing space: constant flux between tidy and messy, depending on what moment I am at on press.

Proudest moment in printing career: getting the job here at Boxcar. Having put a great deal of time and effort into studying printmaking, I am proud to have a job that is my passion.

A fun fact about Boxcar Press: I first learned about Boxcar when I moved to Syracuse for grad school. I attended a tour of the facilities, met some long-time print friends – 3 years later – I am employed here and couldn’t be more delighted.

Extracurricular activities: Studio art practice, drawing, sewing, mixed media works on paper. Hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors. Accruing house plants, and propagating and sharing them with friends.