Presses: the Heidelberg Windmill and Cylinder presses (mainly). The Heidelberg GTO offset, the Vandercook, and the die-cutter (occasionally).

Experience: 5.5 years on letterpress. 30 years printing generally.

Learning: I learned through a lithography class in high school and have been a pressman since I was 16.

Print shop essentials: basic stuff — rulers, scissors, the loupe and my eyes.

Hometown: Spencerport, New York.

Best letterpress trick: take the time to set things up properly. Don’t take shortcuts. Things will go smoothly if you take the time to do things right the first time around.

Favorite part of letterpress printing: seeing the finished product.

Least favorite step of the letterpress printing process: clean up.

Music of choice when on press: talk radio (infowars.com).

Proudest moment in printing career: every time we hear that we have a new account because of a job well done.

Extracurricular activities: I play drums in a heavy metal band called Dear Mr. Dead.