Presses: the Heidelberg Windmill (mostly). The Vandercook + Kluge (occasionally).

Experience: 5 years on letterpress. 4 years printing generally.

Learning: I’ve learned to print mainly here at Boxcar. I did some printing while I was in school at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York — linocuts, etching and a teeny bit of letterpress, but I really jumped in here.

Print shop essentials: ink knife, pica stick, tape.

Hometowns: Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

Best letterpress trick: when running heavier areas with lighter coverage areas, put Scotch tape under the heavier areas — it helps the solids ink up better.

Printing space: I’ve got LOTS of letterpress posters and a bamboo plant on my press. I’ve definitely “moved in” here!

Favorite part of letterpress printing: the sweet spot where the ink is right and the paper’s feeding perfectly — it’s only about a minute or so of the whole process.

Least favorite step of the letterpress printing: washing up.

Music of choice when on press: I don’t always listen to music when I print. If I do, it could be anything: classical, hip hop, indie stuff.

A fact about Boxcar Press: we do a potluck on the first Friday of each month — you get the chance to try new foods, swap recipes, hang out with everyone and see what people make.

Proudest moment in printing careeer: it makes me really happy when I can see the colors matching and perfect impression. Even after all this time, it’s still so beautiful to me.