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Designing for Foil Stamping

Can you mix foil and letterpress in a job?

Yes you can – and what a wonderful combination!

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What sorts of designs are appropriate for foil?

Overall, most designs that are appropriate for letterpress will translate well to foil stamping.  Each customer file that is submitted is reviewed by our prepress team, who are experienced in the foil die making process. Any design that contains areas of intricate detail, thin line fonts, or reverses will be addressed by our prepress personnel and we’ll contact you with any concerns that need addressing.

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Are foil pieces recyclable?

Yes, you can place your foil pieces in your recycling bins along with your other paper products. And by the way, there are no solvents, inks, or vapors associated with foil stamping.

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Do foil stamped pieces have any additional handling or mailing concerns?

We have conducted mailing tests on foil stamped invitation sets and postcards with terrific results. There are no additional handling or mailing concerns for foil stamped pieces.

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Why can’t you rush my foil job?

Each foil stamped piece requires us to create a custom die that will be used in the foil stamping process. This die-making process is more time intensive than making plates for letterpress and doesn’t allow for a rush turnaround.

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